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May. 2nd, 2010

Okay so, my good friend nicknamed as Ziessel (the same one who was tweeted back by Dallon Weekes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zbcozKnNAA ) last friday went to another concert of this guys I've previously talked about here. So, I couldn't go, but I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE...

I mean, it was everything a lot like Live in Denver, they covered again There's a good reason and for my surprise when i saw the video Ziessel's friend did... THEY DID THE BRENDON DANCING THING! and they had thrumpets and dancers (who did horribly wrong though) but it was amazing! :D

I leave you the youtube link here... YOU HAVE TO SEE IT. And hung around their other videos, there's a Karma Police cover, a I kissed a girl cover and a lot of their own songs. I totally love Lullaby and I'll leave you the link here too. I want them to be famous!! NOT TO MENTION THEY'RE HOT! xD

so, links!

thanks! for the attention!

And by the way! this same friend of mine lend me the Invisible Monter Chuck Palahaniuk book. And it's GREAT! :D I can't stop reading it! ^^

Oh and read my last fic! is down here! on my previous post!

Leave it on the Cookies [s/a]

Title: Leave it on the Cookies [s/a]
Author: david_aq
Rating: PG-13 (sexual themes)
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
POV: 3rd
Beta: lumberxjill
Summary: Brendon and Ryan have to pass through the very embarrassing experience of buying their own condoms
Disclaimer: I don't own Ry nor Bren neither the supermarket woman on this fic. I wish! I would do nasty nasty thing (Brendon quote) with them. (Not the girl! :S!!)
Author Notes:This is a very short standalone that I wrote one night when I couldn't sleep. Guess what I was thinking... ¿?

Leave it on the Cookies

"What are you doing Brendon? Stop acting like a kid!"

"I'm not a kid!" said a slightly hyper Brendon. He was bouncing up and down the supermarket corridor, trying to choose only one box of cookies. Ryan will only let him buy one from the huge amount of choices, according to him. "I just can't decide"

"Well. . . then, don't." Ryan was kind of desperate. He had been waiting there for the past twenty minutes, trying to be patient with Brendon, but he just couldn't stand it anymore. "Let’s just do what we came here to do in the first place! "

"But…" Brendon looked at him with his puppy eyes. He only wanted his cookies; he barely ever got to eat the kind of food he liked and for once he was actually allowed to go shopping at the supermarket, he wanted to buy whatever he liked.

"Okay! Two minutes." Ryan sighed, closed his eyes to concentrate, and tried to convince himself that it wasn't worth having a fight with Brendon for something so stupid.

Five minutes later, Brendon chose Ryan's favorites cookies and walked past him, heading to the next corridor. Ryan looked at him, suddenly feeling strangely warm inside and congratulated himself for not yelling at Brendon.

They stopped at the same time in front of the casher, both feeling very embarrassed for what they had to ask.
Brendon put his box of cookies on the table and looked directly at his shoes, but Ryan could still see his ears getting redder by the second.

"Anything else?" asked the casher, glancing to see the box's price.

"Actually, yes… umm," Ryan could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. "Can I have a box of… condoms?"

"Of course, kid." The young woman chuckled a bit and turned her back to them to look for the box. "Which size?"

Ryan and Brendon looked at each other, horrified. The woman turned to look at them again.

"You don't know?" she asked, a small smile forming on her lips. "Who are they for?"

"Humm, we don't know… yet," answered Ryan without really thinking of what he was saying until he felt Brendon stare at the right part of his face and he saw the girl's surprised expression. "I mean… yeah," he looked to his converse covered feet.

"Let's get you. . . both a standard size, alright?" She took the little box and put it next to the innocent cookies.

"Wait, standard?" Brendon suddenly said, looking at her with a thoughtful expression. Ryan gasped and look at him, horrified, again. "It's not about me, I mean. . . I guess I could get a standard but. . . what about you, Ryan?"

Ryan looked at him, totally unable to talk. His face felt so hot that he wouldn't be surprised if it exploded at any moment. He looked up again and saw Brendon's lips move but it was really hard for him to understand what he was saying, or maybe Ryan really didn't want to hear what he was actually saying.

". . .I mean, I've obviously see him and he's way bigger than me, so. I don't know, whatdaya think, Ry?"

But Ryan wasn't really paying attention to him, he was actually wondering when the fuck had Brendon lost his previous embarrassment and become that much of a big mouth.

He tried to catch Brendon's eye but, in doing so, he saw the stupid open can of Red Bull in Brendon's hands and that explained everything.

Stupid Red Bull with its stupid caffeine.

"So, you're getting a large size too?" the poor girl asked Brendon, starting to get a bit embarrassed too.

"Sure!" he said happily. "How much is it all?"

They paid silently and headed to the shop's door, all the time without really looking at each other. Once they were out and getting into the car, Ryan finally looked at him with a questioning look, finally cooled down.

"What. The. Fuck. Was that!?" he half yelled. "Seriously…I can't believe it!"

"What? Come on, what would have happened if the condom wasn't big enough for you?" he looked at Ryan with his big happy smile. "No fun!"

"But you really didn't need to say that!" Ryan started the car and got out of the parking lot, heading to his house.

"What did I say?"

"C'mon Brendon." He left out a nervously chuckle "Y-You…You practically told her that I was big!"

"What's the deal? You are. . . "

"Ok, let's forget this." He ran his hand desperately over his hair while waiting for the traffic light to become green again.

"So, we're not gonna do it?"

"What?" Ryan looked at him; he had opened his cookies and had directed a hand full of them to his mouth. "Of course we are. I mean, I still want to, despite all the embarrassment you just put me through," He moved his head to rest it on the wheel. "This must be love.”

Brendon laughed, ate the last cookie left on his hand and kissed Ryan's cheek.

"It's already green, dumbass."


NA: Did you like it?! :D I'm gonna publish it now on slashatthedisco ;) Special thanks for my beta rainxdrops12 for doing her job so fast ;) and to sitxbackxrelax just because she's awesome.

Oh! I wanted to mention, that Dallon Weekes tweet one of my friends back when she showed him her cover of love at first sight. Watch it!! :D (and comment it! :D) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zbcozKnNAA

EDITED: When i tried to upload it on satd, it got rejected, so I had to change my beta, sorry rainxdrops12 and thanks lumberxjill

New fic

Well, it's been a while since I last updated.

5 months? O.o

I'm still on college xD And it's fine, things have gotten better lately and you know, if you want to meet gay people, then get on my career, it's like 80% of boys are gay! O.o

So, I'm pretty happy :D

Oh! I wrote an standalone the other day, (weeks ago xD)It's really short so I don't know if getting a beta or just publish it here so people can correct it on the comments and then publish it on satd...

It's really short I guess so, I'll do the second :D

I'll post it soon ;)
You know, life's sometimes a shit.

I've pased the worse thing now though.

So ok, I'm at college now, so I'm living on my own and it's fucking Difficult! I think I haven't had a proper meal in 2 weeks.

Jacques and I broke up a while ago. The distance is a fucking traitor... And the stupid thing he had on his mind that I was seeing someone else... which it's not true.

So now... I'm good I think. I've just watched the panic videos in Brazil. It's cool to see them play even when it's raining dogs&cats there xD
But haaa, I laughed so hard to Dallon little jump from the drums set xD
But hey, Brendon did amazing! I especially like how they played I Write Sins... he rocked it! :D

I love Bdon ^^


I can't even believe it... how a person can change so much. (change change chaaange♪ <---YES WE KNOW!)

That's it I guess... I was bored and since I hadn't posted in a while, I decided to get a bit crazy here. :D

:D!! I ♥ Paris


Here I am in Paris! :D Je suis á Paris! (yay!! I write it well! :D according to Jacques)

Well, if you didn't know, I'm back in Paris because of this boy, my boyfriend (again xD) called Jacques. I'm here only for a week, I arrived the 24 and I'M NOT COMING BACK TO SPAIN neveeeeeeeeeerr!!!

Unfortunately, I was kidding... I return to spain on september the 1st. ¬¬

Buttt no! we're not speaking about returns.

Just to say that I'm very happy and, that I'm getting Jacques into Panic! (xD) his favourite song is Mad as Rabitts ( O.o) hahah I forced him this morning to buy A Fever, and he bought it! xDD only 6€, that's excessively cheap for Panic! He was confused cause I was upset because of that xD

I'm so telling him to write something in french.

Hi! I'm Jacques & I'm not writing in french because I would look stupide:$ Hello 2 everyone!!!

It's me back... hahahah, he said he wasn't going to write in frech... but he wrote "stupide" (stupid in french obviously) He sometimes mixes languages xD Me too probably :S

Ok... We're going now, watch a movie probably. BYE!


 Hey there people!

First of all... 

A thing that I should have showed you months ago! 

Ok, there is this band, called Ayswal. A good friend of mine discovered them a few months ago in a concert and she got shocked couse they played a Panic song, There's a good reason... 

Well, this friend of mine, recorded them and I DIDN'T KNOW IT. So, I want everyone who read this to check them out, they're pretty good and they LOVE P!ATD. 

Btw they are hot.


My friend knows them ¬¬ I'm jelalous... and she speaks with them  ¬¬ ...

ok, here's the video:

More things... 

I'm not writing any slash now, but I do read them... I don't care if they broke up :D


that's all...

I'm going now, to read To Center Stage  :D

CHECK OUT AYSWAL!  And comment in the video!! :D pleasee! :)


(there are too much :D in this post xD)

Random things

Well, the thing is that... I'm bored. I'm at the dentist right now and for my surprise... there are laptops.
And I absolutely know why there are laptops.. because they are so fucking SLOW. I've been here since 11, and it's 11:40.

So, I'm going to do a  reflexion about nowadays things xD.

First, about Panic!: Have you seen the new interview in which they compare The Young Veins and P!atD? And more specifically the part where they say : "The  band member who can actually sing" refered to Brendon.

Which is completely true... but... anyway. I still like more NP than Change. 

Secondly: I'm now at home... that dentist just killed me! She was so rude with my poor mouth ¬¬

Thirdly: why can't i stop eating Smint? I'm addictive to them.

And finally: I'm so happy that most of slash writers have continued writting fics. C'mon xsitxbackxrelax! i want the play fic back!! :(

Another thing.. i'm learning to play piano... not that i'm bored of the guitar but... I always loved piano so... YAY! ^^

Bye bye everyone! 

Fre(nc)sh News

wowowow, I arrive today from spending two weeks in Paris and I found TWO fucking NEW songs and a strange name for Ryan and Jon's band. 

Firstly: New Perspective... I LOVE IT! :P Brendon is awesomeeee!!! :D His lyrics just killed me! 

Secondly: Change... I prefer New Perspective over Change because, THE VOICES DIFFERENCE. Seriously Ryan, in my opinion you shouldn't sing. But I do prefer the music thing, it's more my style of music than new perspective but, anyway it was a really good surprise and I liked both songs.

AND THEN... Third: Ian Crawford and Dallon Week. OH MY GOD DALLON!  he's soo hot! XDD I'm so looking foward to  August the 7th when I hope SOMEONE will upload a good video in Youtube of them playing their first show as Panic! at the Disco again ^^!!

Well, in the title I said fresh news, because I've been in Paris for a week trying to improve my poor french (which i failed) living with a french family. I describe the family: A really nice mother, who made extremely good tasting food xD, a typical french baker man who was the father, a 9 years old adorable girl and ... and... and... a EXTREMELY HOT HANDSOME EMO brother. So, the conclusion.. I died!

Well, of course I spent the first 3 days trying to discover if the was gay or straight. I had no idea until.... well i leave it there xD 

and then the rest of the weeks were the most romantic time I've ever spent in my whole life. I had to speak to him in english because yeah, I've been 6 years studing french but i still have no idea how to speak it xD I understand it but.... that's it. 

So, now I'm so sad and yeah, I think you can imagine it... :(  We decided to leave it there because, you know, the distance is horrible and we would finish hurting each other more.

I fucking hate everything now. 


How can you love a person from only knowing him from 2 weeks?

Sorry, i just needed to pour out everything. I tried to not to speak about it but, the more I think about this week and the past one, the more I become aware of the really good experience I've had and that I don't regret anything that I did.  But it hurts. I spent 24 hours with him and now I miss him so much.

:( I need something to cheer me up, let's listen to New perpective...

Best Birthday ever! :D

This is my best birthday present ---> www.panicatthedisco.com "Oh Glory"

I've already listened to it a undred times, holy fuck! :D it's so amazing!!

By the way... today's my birthday!! yaaaaaaaaaay! I'm AN ADULT! :D 18 years old!
I've gotten a new black converse, 21st Century Breakdown, two books, and a thirty seconds of a fucking amazing song! :D

Brendon dude, you made my day today with your voice! Though it was my day already xD

well, thanks to the three people who have told me happy birthday in the other post ^^!

Special thanks to you Nicole ^^! I've spend a very good time lately reading your amazing fics :D

Ryden Paint

Nah, I haven't written anything.. xD

I've been reading fics and more lately painting, so I'm gonna show you my latest Ryden paint.

Click to see it bigger ;)

I've done it this morning (in my time zone xD) because I suddenly felt in the mood of painting. I used to paint a lot before, but with the exams and everything... :(
BUT!, now we're on holidays so.. :D!
Well, I started doing it because I read behindthec latest post and I felt like painting. So this is kinda for him. ^^

So, tell me if you like it :P